About Us


Who We Are


Travel Guru isn’t your typical online travel agency, but it is an online travel agency. And it isn’t. That’s because Travel Guru understands that journeys of discovery require more than a travel agent looking to secure a quick booking and make a quick buck – exploration of the world demands a guide.


Travel Guru is that guide.

What We Do


As a company that offers all the services you’d expect of a travel portal, Travel Guru adds a personal touch in the form of the brand’s personality – a Guru that leads you through the entire process, from booking your ticket online to unpacking your bags when you get back home.


Travel Guru appeals to a market that tends to get lost between unresponsive booking bots and overly involved tour groups. Travel Guru appeals to a market that wants choice. Travel Guru appeals to the new age and enlightened traveller.


How We Do It


The Guru doesn’t get by on travel philosophy and mystique alone. Travel Guru offers the latest in booking engine technology, making use of multiple inventory channels, and puts a sharp focus on getting the best deals to you at the best rates, with a focus on specialised trips to the Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Travel Guru is the latest addition to the AIK Group – a 70-year-old player in the travel game with a number of sister companies that polls together to ensure that every traveller is catered to and every destination is accessible and affordable.